It is our dream project to raise a community of young ones who can revive the values of ancestors that had respect for humanity at priority.

The focal point of education in our school should be:

■ Amr-e-ilahi

■ Taleemat-e-Muhammad (PUBH)

■ Tafkeer-e-Iqbal

■ Amal-e-Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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    About Us

    High Rise Institute

    High Rise Institute is a co educational school from preschool till Grade 5. The purpose of our institute is to provide ‘a home’ outside of the home where the children develop a sense of belonging in a loving and caring environment. We try to make learning a pleasant experience for children and prepare them for a smooth transition to the main stream schooling. We have a very happy and respectful relationship between children and staff at High Rise thus giving a wonderful platform for engaged learning.

    Tuition Service

    We provide help for homework and brush up at weak academic areas

    Tajweed Classes

    High Rise teaches to recite Quran with proper understanding

    Teacher Training

    We offer teacher training sessions and workshops with on ground training.

    English Speaking

    We offer English speaking courses for professional development.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to develop self-directed learners, flexible thinkers and creative problem solvers and to make our children contributing citizens in the world community.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is that our children become happy and successful members of society and reach their full potential as independent learners.

    Core Values

    Education for Life,
    Joyful Environment for Children,
    Individualized Learning,
    Teachers Who Focus on Children,
    Parent Partnership

    For Student

    School Activites


    Hands on Learning

    Our children do learning by actually doing something rather than learning about it from books, lectures, etc. Our youngsters are not expected to sit in a chair; they are actually actively engaging all 5 of their senses as they explore and learn.

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

    Our children experience the phenomenon of subjects crossing their boundaries with each other which is real time learning. Our monthly themes, arts & crafts, computers lessons all are involved in exposing children to creative and critical thinking.

    Research Based Study

    Islamic studies, social and human sciences subjects are not book bound in our syllabus. We teach them with maximum possible sources with in-depth research that creates a process of making sense of the world for our children.

    Daily Sports

    Physical activities are very important for the mental health of a child. We provide daily physical activities for our students.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    High Rise maintains a low student-teacher ratio to ensure tailored, individual attention.
    The school is fully involved in polishing its children’s social, mental and emotional abilities
    through activity based lessons and role plays, games, arts/crafts, puppetry, dramatics,
    debates, stage performances etc.
    High Rise Institute has its own school van along with the facility of custodian staff to take care of pre-school children on board.
    Visit our campus, Website or Contact us on 0305 9044404
    The Montessori Method of education provides a nurturing, supportive environment for children of all abilities and learning styles. Children learn in mixed ages classes, with the same teacher for 3 years. This sustained connection creates a stable, predictable environment for children and adults alike. Children feel more comfortable, confident and learn faster in this “longterm relationship”. Importantly, in mixed ages classes, children will build self-esteem through individualized, positive learning experiences.
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